Italy Tour Team

On a annual basis Slammers Basketball Agency will organize tour teams playing in Italy during the offseason summer time.  

14 players for each team (Men and Women) will be selected to participate in this event where they will compete with top level NCAA D1 schools in several games. Italian coaches and managers will be scouting these games in hopes of signing new talent for their rosters. Players will have to finance the flight tickets. Hotel accomedation, full meal plan, local transportation, and sight seeing around the cities are organized. If you are interested please send us your applications (player bio, updated video footage). The teams will be made up of professional athletes who have european pro experience on different levels.

You can sign up until the 15th of March 2019. By the ned of March we will let you know if you made the team.

Send us your applications or any furthur questions via email please:

  Girls Team summer 2018