Austin Trafelet

Jersey # 49 Team black

Name: Trafelet First Name: Austin
Date of birth: Ausgust, 28, 1994 Nationality: USA
Position: 2,3 Height: 193 cm
Graduated in:   from:  
Video: # Eurobasket Profile  

Player History
Year: 2013-14 Team: Lower Columbia College

2014-2017:  Independent Training
Education    Diploma Toledo High School   Associates of Art Lower Columbia College
BA International Relations, German    Eastern Washington University
Basketball Career
Toledo High School (2009-2013)
First team all state tournament (2x) 
First team all league (2x)
First team all state (2x) First team all area (2x) State Champion
Lower Columbia College (2013-2014)
Independent Training (2014-2017)