Important to know

The number of players that can be accepted to the tournament is limited

Sign as early as possible to make sure you get a spot, first come first serve. Please make sure you have a travel insurance incase you get sick, hurt or cannot attend the tournament because of a important reason. A travel insurance is not expensive and almost every insurance company offers it. If you would like Slammers to be your agent, please contact us.


Some countries might need a visa to come to Germany, for example African countries. Citizens from the USA and Canada just need a valid passport. If you need a visa, you should sign up as early as possible. We need to send you an invitation with which you need to contract the German embassy in your country.


the currency is the Euro. 1 Euro = 1,15 US dollar. Credit cards are widely accepted. Make sure that your credit card is good for Europe, call your bank before you leave. There are bank machines available for credit cards. US bank cards don’t work in Germany. You cannot pay in US dollars either. Banks are closed on the weekends. You can change money at the hotel but it would be cheaper to do it while you are still at home in your country.


The tournament language is English. People in the hotel also speak English. The language in Germany is German.


If you come by plane, you are allowed to bring 2 suitcases and 1 carry on. The maximum weight is a total of 60 lbs. Please make sure that your basketball shoes are in your carry on ! Sometimes luggage comes late and then you won’t have your shoes to play in. NEVER put money or anything of value into your suitcases.
Always keep the passport with you. Write our office phone number down in case you get lost or miss your connection flight in case of a delay. + 49 / 228 / 651152 Slammers Basketball.