Slammers Basketball presents our annual Pro tryout tournament, held between end of May and the middle of June. The date for 2019 Friday May 24th - Sunday May 26th, 2019.

This scouting tournament gives our players who are signed with our agency the opportunity to showcase their talent infront of coaches / managers from differnt countries and leagues. There is a limit of 40 players which can attend the tournament. 20 of these spots are reserved for players already being represented by us. The remaining 20 spots will be a mixture of rookies and experienced professionals looking to get offers in different countries around Europe. If you are a rookie looking to reserve your spot, you must first send us your player resume including updated video footage which you apply for a spot with.

Coaches who are interested in attending the tournament to scout players live, are more than welcome. There is no entrance fee charged for any coaches or managers. If you are interested in attending contact us for furthur details.

The tournament is in the city of Bonn. Bonn is 15 minutes away from Cologne/Bonn airport.
Germany is in the middle of Europe.
Germany’s Basketball leagues are one of the top leagues in Europe. Teams from division 1 to division 5 hire professional players. A neighbour country of Germany is Belgium, about 1 hour away from Bonn by car. The Netherlands is also only 1 hour away by car. From Paris, France to Bonn it is 4 hours. A flight from London, England takes 1 hour. Switzerland is 3 hours away and Austria is only 6 hours awayby car. To Luxembourg you drive 2 1/2 hours and to Italy only 5 hours. There are different leagues and teams in all these countries who hire players.

Bonn itself has one of the top men teams and close to Bonn there are several D2 and D3 teams. No further than 50 miles away, you will find another four div 1 men’s teams and three division 2 teams. For the women there are another three div 1 teams and five division 2 teams. Bonn is a medium size city with 360.000 populations. Since 1996, Bonn is a host city of the United Nations. 12 UN organisations have settled on the banks of the Rhine River, amongst them the UN Climate Secretariat and the UN Volunteers.

Cologne is the next biggest city with a population of over 1 million people. It is 10 miles away from Bonn. The city is very international. It has a very big University and it known for the best physical education in the country. Cologne is also a city that never sleeps.

In order to participate in this tournament you will have to arrive in Bonn on Friday moring. Coming from the US, you need to get a plane ticket for Thursday. Your return flight should be for Sunday night or for Monday morning. The airport name is Cologne/Bonn (CGN).

But you can also fly into Frankfurt (FRA) and then take a train to Bonn. The train station is in the airport building in Frankfurt and it only takes approximately 40 minutes to come to Bonn. We offer a pickup and drop off service from and to the train station in Bonn, the train station of Siegburg/Bonn and from the airport Cologne/Bonn. There is also the daily shuttle service between hotel and gym.

On Friday night you will have a practice/shoot around. The tournament starts on Saturday morning. You will play 2 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday. The men’s and women’s competition will be in the same facility.

Each player will get a reversible jersey with a personal jersey number. We need you to send us your player profile including stats and a picture (portrait). All the resumes will be in the player book which goes to all the coaches.

Map of Germany

The tournament entry fee is 230 Euros which is about 250 US dollars, the payment MUST be done in Euros. There is a late entry fee of 30 Euros for any signups after May 10th.

Payment must be done by PayPal in Euros and Western Union as well as a bank transfer to our account. Transfer cost are on the player. No personal checks no money order, no cash payment upon arrival. 

The fee is NON-Refundable.

We also offer a camp package for 250 Euros which includes:
3 nights at the hotel in a double room together with another player.
Pickup from the airport in Cologne, the train station of Bonn, the train station of Siegburg/Bonn.
Daily shuttle between hotel and gym.
Breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning.
Dinner on Friday and Saturday night.
Medical insurance.

The camp entrance fee + the tournament package is 480 Euros.


All players will stay in the same hotels. The hotel is called Ibis Hotel in Bonn, Vorgebirgsstrasse 33 53119 Bonn.  The hotel is a 3 star hotel including restaurant and bar. Each room has air condition, TV and phone.

If you want to book the camp package, you need to let us know upon signup.

How to register:

Registration is done by email. Please send us a detailed profile including your full name, date of birth, nationality, height, weight, position, phone numbers, address and the teams you played for in the last 3 years plus your stats. Please add a picture (portrait). The registration can only be confirmed after we have received the money payment. Please send the money to:

Slammers Basketball, Iska Waterloh, 
Bank:  Sparkasse Bonn, Germany, 
Address: Friedensplatz 1;  53111 Bonn-Germany 
Int.Bank Account Number: DE21 3705 0198 0129 0018 89  

Don’t forget to mention your name and what the money is for : Pro Camp, when you transfer the money. If you prefer, you can send the money also by Western Union. In that case, send it to:  Iska-Eva Waterloh, Bonn and don’t forget to email us the transfer number. Without the transfer number, we can’t pick the money up.

Important to know:

The number of players that can be accepted to the tournament is limited. Sign as early as possible to make sure you get a spot, first come first serve. Please make sure you have a travel insurance incase you get sick, hurt or cannot attend the tournament because of a important reason. A travel insurance is not expensive and almost every insurance company offers it. If you would like Slammers to be your agent, please contact us. As we mentioned at the top of the page, rookies must first send their updated video footage and player bio to apply for a spot. Active professional players who are not represented by us as a agent, it is first come first serve.


Some countries might need a visa to come to Germany,for example African countries. Citizens from the USA and Canada just need a valid passport. If you need a visa, you should sign up as early as possible. We need to send you an invitation with which you need to contract the German embassy in your country.


the currency is the Euro. 1 Euro = 1,13 US dollar. Credit cards are widely accepted.Make sure that your credit card is good for Europe, call your bank before you leave. There are bank machines available for credit cards. US bank cards don’t work in Germany. You cannot pay in US dollars either. Banks are closed on the weekends. You can change money at the hotel but it would be cheaper to do it while you are still at home in your country.


The tournament language is English. People in the hotel also speak English. The language in Germany is German.


If you come by plane, you are allowed to bring 2 suitcases and 1 carry on. The maximum weight is a total of 60 lbs. Please make sure that your basketball shoes are in your carry on ! Sometimes luggage comes late and then you won’t have your shoes to play in. NEVER put money or anything of value into your suitcases.
Always keep the passport with you. Write our office phone number down in case you get lost or miss your connection flight in case of a delay. + 49 / 228 / 651152 Slammers Basketball.