Priscilla-Chiara Waterloh

Name: Waterloh First Name: Priscilla-Chiara
Date of birth: 13 Dec. Nationality: German
Home Town: Bonn, Germany Closest int. Airport: Cologne/Bonn Airport

Position: 2,3,4 Height: 185cm
2017-18:  with RMB, Germany
2016VIDEO  # 11 yellow
Eurobasket Profile  

Player History
Year: 2019-2020     2020-21 Team Aachen, Germany D3
  the season ended in March 2020 due to Covid19 and hasn´t started again.
Year: 2018-2019 Team: Pepinster , Belgium D2
Stats: Pepinster won the league and moved up to D1
Year: 2018 playoffs Team: Kenitra, Marocco D1
Stats 21 PPG  12 RPG
Year: 2017-18: Team: Rhein-Main Baskets Germany
  17 games,  22 min per game, 5,8 PPG  4,1 RPG  1 SPG
Year: 2017 April - middle of May Team: ZKK KVarner CRO D2
  15 PPG,  8 RPG,  30 min per game
Year: 2016-17 Team Wasserburg, Germany
  starting D2, backup D1 and Eurocup  19 games, 20 min, 6´3 PPG  3RPG
Year: 2015-2016 Team: Bensberg 2.BBL
Year: 2014-2015 Team: Regionalliga Damen Hürther BC


Further Information: Priscilla has a certificate as a full qualified physiotherapist.