To be a professional player

Before you make the decision to play as a professional player, you should read all the information that are given here. Please read also the experiences other players made.

Playing basketball as a paid player is a full time job!

The team that hires you expects from you:

  • that you arrive in 100% playing shape, able to play 40 minutes.
  • they expect you to be better than the local players who don´t get paid.
  • they expect you to be a leader on and off the floor.
  • you are responsible for your own fitness level. You are responsible for staying in shape and healthy.
  • they expect you to get up in the morning and that you adjust to the different time zone . It doesn´t look good if you stay in bed all day and get up at 4 p.m. while getting to bed at 6 a.m.
  • they expect you to communicate with the team and the management and the club members
  • never compare yourself with local players, there are different rules for them. They normally don´t get paid, they work and go to school.
  • they expect you to be the top player on the team. They expect you to take responsibility during the game.
  • the coach is not there to make you better – you are there to make the team better!
  • be sure to expect that all loses are blamed on you.